Three Somali Tech Entrepreneurs Just Won Sweden’s Top Tech Awards and Could Win the Nordic Awards

Article here:

The 3 Companies:

1) - Trade livestock online. Buy, own & trade animals from your smartphone and support livestock farmers in East Africa.


Farmville irl! It's an interesting twist to the microloan concept, win-win for Farmers and Investors. Hopefully they succeed.

2) TransferGalaxy is an instant, cash-free online mobile money transfer service, that enables customers to send money to loved ones from a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Hawala 2.0, suffice to say they have a lot of competition. According to their site they've transferred the equivalent of 10M USD on their platform - impressive.

3) is building a diverse talent pipeline of 'homegrown' developers from the suburbs of Sweden. Bringing tech events out to the "No Go Zones"


This is a great initiative. Should inspire more youth to get into tech.
why is the 3rd one wearing white and that green belt? this aint a cultural celebration. put on a business suit next time.