1. W

    I haven't seen many Somalis in Rwanda why?

    I finally completed my short trip from Rwanda. Rwanda has very few procedures and takes a few days to start a business. http://org.rdb.rw/ So I have registered and set up a Tourist Agency in Kigali with a couple friends of mine. The tourism industry in Rwanda is booming and many of our...
  2. MariaMaria

    What kind of business would you open in S/SL?

    Going to the homeland and opening a business is every somalis dream.:salute: I would open a cinema/arcade in Borama, it wouldn't be that difficult to set up, only play PG 12 and bollywood movies so the sheikh in the town don't shut me down. Also, it would be good for broadcasting football...
  3. rational

    Three Somali Tech Entrepreneurs Just Won Sweden’s Top Tech Awards and Could Win the Nordic Awards

    Article here: http://allthingssomali.com/these-three-somali-tech-entrepreneurs-just-won-swedens-top-tech-awards-and-could-win-the-nordic-awards/ The 3 Companies: 1) Ari.farm - Trade livestock online. Buy, own & trade animals from your smartphone and support livestock farmers in East Africa...
  4. M

    Have you bought land in Somalia?

    Are any of you guys land owners? I have several questions. How did you acquire the land? Where is it located? What type of land is it? How much is it worth? What do you plan on doing with it? I'm planning on purchasing land in the near future and I am wondering what your experience was.