This Is So Stupid LMAO


Not really though? It's making fun of people who dis
For a person who I've never communicated with, you always came off as a sad, fat, closeted Khaniis.

Come correct is what gay men say. You just proved to me that you're a lonely, ugly Khaniis. You posted this video to see if we would accept your pillow biting, bottom *****, Khaniis ass.

News flash *****. You can't sit with us.

Go watch and fantasize about getting screwed by Tyrones.

Looooool@ come correct. ***** you're gay. Accept it and move on.
:dead::dead::dead::dead: What is this savagery; I was not ready to read that :damn: You're harsh, damn.


Islamic Fanfiction Writer
If the shoe fits wear it honey.

The fact that you found this funny and actually had the audacity to post it on here tells us what you really are.

And please keep your 2 inch, unwashed willy to yourself.

It’s just a joke, nothing serious.
This a r/whooooosh of epic proportions:faysalwtf:
Your whole existence is tiring.

Secondly you just proved my point that you're Khaniis.

All I did was quote another poster and stated my opinion but you went ape shit.

You low down, bastard. Don't ever come at me like that. You *****.

Post pictures? So you can see which Faraax will slide in your dms? Khaniis foqol Khaniis. Take that energy into the gym, I bet you're an obese, feminine ***** ass.
You are a 40-year-old broke expired single fob femcel who lives in a ghetto apartment. One day you claim to be married and the next day you claim you will marry one person.

One day you say that you're married but next day says I want this type of hubby.

Reality is grim and sad for you. I try to keep things civil, but your toxic arrogance is nothing but a farce.
Also, my shoe is worth more than your entire salary. :dead:

Calling me khaniis and all that shit does not mean anything to me, but everything I say about you is the truth. I think my comments hurt you more than they hurt me.:damn: