No drama
Girl I don’t even like black males, least of all dark skin ones, yet they think their colorist tactics work on me. Darkskin men get a little media hype and now they assume all women want them. Their arrogance is undeserved.
You can't resist the dark chocolate.. Stop acting otherwise


Live life to the fullest
Very sad wallahi. I wish the women back home knew how much beauty her mariin/darkskin holds. “My preference “ is just a way to mask up their colourism. The bleached halimos back home all have moustaches and bright green veins on their faces. They look like real life monsters. Heck even the men back there bleach.
Well said not only does the greenish veins pop out their vessels due to various unknown substances they've been applying the men look like a combination of that alien "Dame Tu Cosita" and shaved malnourished ostriches I don't have any words to describe their Qaab daro pyschique in English perhaps I'm lost in words ,
the women look like cancerous albino hippos , is it me or do they resemble a plastic surgery that went really very wrong indeed these people's skin modification is toxic it's like they have SMOKING KILLS on their foreheads