They where caught having sex


I thought the evidence was seeing the act happening/taking place and not hearing. They should spend their meagre resources feeding the poor, some children and elderly people starve and have nothing to eat @ all and they are spending money policing on who screws who. Your typical shitty country.
Exactly, they need to get their priorities straight. Only weak and failing nations resort to religious authoritarianism to police their populations and show a meagre display of power. Pathetic.
Another failing so-called “Wholesome Islamic Society” using gossip and rumours to wrongfully punish people. Hey, here’s a thought: why not try to put the little resources you have left into fighting honour killings and child marriages instead of running after consenting adults??


In hotels in Somalia you cant have a female unless she is your blood relative. They wont rent it to you unless you have a marriage license or have your Nabadoon call. Last resort they make you swear on a kitab.

Its good to be wary of immodest acts
Walle Somalis are the funniest.


I have no proof, only whispers
Thank god I live in civilized society where adults are left alone in peace to have sex with whom ever they like whenever they like.


I have no proof, only whispers
Including islam?

You wouldn't mind men spending the night in a hotel with one of your sisters while not being married to them, do you?

If she is an adult and consenting, I don't see the issue.


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