They where caught having sex


That’s enough evidence if they hear them in the act
No, it’s not. If you accuse someone of adultery but don’t provide four witness who witnessed the act of penetration, then that’s qadhf, and such a person should be lashed 80 times and their testimony will never be accepted.

The fact that even @AussieHustler who isn’t a Muslim knows that, and you don’t, shows how ignorant you are of Islamic law.
Salafi is a wrong form of Islam also they kill so many Muslims

Only some sufi sects practise grave worships destespectfull to labell all sufi un islamic
Brother don't listen to wahabi Jewish propaganda

The sufi Islam most somalis follow believe me is the closest to Islam then Salafi Jews
Didnt you just label all salafi as killers??:what1:


“This immense allowance for ambiguities in ruling on sexual offenses can be seen most clearly in the Hanafi school of law, which was the official school of the Ottoman Empire. When prostitutes and their clients were caught, they were not tried for zinā due to the (admittedly outlandish) ambiguity that prostitution was structurally similar to marriage; both were exchanges of sexual access for money (in the case of marriage, the groom’s dowry payment). This is not because Muslim scholars had any sympathy for prostitution or a low regard for marriage, but rather because they hunted for any possible ambiguity to avoid implementing the hudud.”

Yet we have the likes of @Mercury who think the act of hearing sex is enough to lash someone 100 times for adultery. Even if someone was drunk and puked wine, it’s not enough to give him the hudud punishment according to most scholars as he could have drunk it accidentally.


I agree with world, you can’t go looking for people sinning in private arenas:/ that doesn’t seem Islamic at all
Abdur Rahman ibn Awf reported: He would patrol the city at night with Umar ibn Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, and on one occasion they were walking when the lamp of a household caught their attention. They approached it until they heard loud voices inside the door. Umar grabbed the hand of Abdur Rahman and he said, “Do you know whose house this is?” He said no. Umar said, “This is the house of Rabia ibn Umayyah ibn Khalaf and they are inside drinking wine right now! So what do you think?” Abdur Rahman said, “Indeed, I think we have done what Allah has prohibited for us. Allah the Exalted said: Do not spy (49:12) and we have spied on them.” So Umar turned away and he left them alone.

Source: Al-Mustadrak ‘ala as-Saheehain 8198

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Adh-Dhahabi

Yet you have the likes of @Mercury @Suldaanka @Lolalola who think that you can do house invasions and punish people for what they do in private.


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー


It's all so tiresome
Shariah law only applies to the average Saudi citizen.

Whilst their royals run Berlusconi's styled "bunga bunga" parties next door to the holy cities.

You should personally attempt to live according to Islamic laws but who gives others the permission to police other's Haram behaviours?

Especially calling out those nosy older Somali busibodies.


What's wrong with keeping a moral police to keep everybody in check? It's good to try and prevent these things--wouldn't you agree? The most Islamic countries do it :gaasdrink: Perhaps your liberal brain can't handle it?
haram police are a bidica so they are literally doing haram themselves:mjlol:
their was no haram police at the time of the prophet and sahaba so this innovation is totally haram:bell:


In hotels in Somalia you cant have a female unless she is your blood relative. They wont rent it to you unless you have a marriage license or have your Nabadoon call. Last resort they make you swear on a kitab.

Its good to be wary of immodest acts
Hand on kitaab.,,, that’s too risky bro even I wouldn’t take that risk. But then again why would you be civilised in somalia? I’ll have red and brown henna on my beard and mini Afro and have a multicoloured purple macawis whilst I smash in a luuq or meel banaan sxb in somalia u don’t need a room. What’s the point of going to ur country if ur gonna move like a tourist. :dead1::deadmanny:


“This immense allowance for ambiguities in ruling on sexual offenses can be seen most

Yet we have the likes of @Mercury who think the act of hearing s.
War lift your calool from your belt and show that buckle.
Go read my post in the sufism thread might change ur life for the better miskeenyahow feel sorry for these Polyphagia having Somali lazy dons that can’t do nothing but post on forums atleast your ancestors go to maqayads but in 2019 ur doing the same shaqo la aan from the comfort of ur bed. War heedhe si fican ee dhageyso. Get your money up and don’t die without knowing the truth about Islam and how to practise it. And pray u don’t come across me I will whoop ur ass and karbaash a nigga to the sun and back.

Tbh I’m mad because of how ignorant y’all are when I wasn’t practising and a normal street dude. (A savage one) somalis always cursed me the mfers and now that I learned my religion I see how wrong they can be. Alhamdullilah not in my immediate community. But online, I have ignorant odayaal and current masturbators that spout filth. I will take ur calool of ur kilt.


Ragna qowl baa xira, dumarna meher baa xira.
@World you are conflating a couple of issues together and taking things out of context. From what is apparent is that the individuals in question were reported to the police about their actions and from the looks of it, it appears that it had been frequent enough to get noticed

There had to be credible info regarding the activities that happens inside the hotel for them to even warrant a raid, so someone altered the police and once it reached them the matter had to be investigated. Even in islamic law once news reaches the qadi, ruler etc it has to be dealt with accordingly.

Secondly even though a crime may not satisfy the conditions of hudud punishment this does not mean that said individuals are not punished, ta'zir (discretionary) punishment is carried out on them. The hudud punishment for zina committed by unmarried couples is 100 lashes and banishment for a year, neither of this happened in the above case which proves ta'zir punishment was carried out on them in form of canning & imprisonment.

There's a lot of details involved in cases such as the above and have to be looked from all sides before a conclusion is reached.