The UAE is gaslighting Somalia


השבח לאל

There you have it folks. Straight from the horse's mouth. The UAE refused to show any agreement made with HSM admin to Khat Addict Farmajo but claim they did because it's a matter of being politically correct. Saying outright the Base and DP world deals was only signed with Somaliland would be a grave transgression that would burn all bridges with Somalia which I'm guessing isn't something they want just yet.. Regardless, the fact that Khat addict Farmajo and the co is being gaslighted in to accepting this agreement is really something else.

What's the next move for our amateur Buffalo city case worker? Will he grudgingly accept it, or will he escalate?



UEA is playing Somalians
They are using the Isaacs to bring down their government. You dumb Somalians need to free yourselves from hairy Arabs.