The struggles of recently divorced Somali women

I have a huge family. Only a few marriages didn't work out (there is only 1 i can think of). I bet the friction has to do with the female not wanting to adhere to her gender role which is normal since Somali women do not and that is what fuelling the divorce rate in the Somali community.
I believe there would be less divorces if Somali guys maned up When youre married and youre wife is a stay at home mom youre main Job is to provide for your family

Ive seen many Somali guys that believe as long as they provide they Done their part that mentality is wrong

When youre not at work you have a 2nd Job which is being there for your wife and kids be it bathing the kids,brushing the kids, bed time or check their homework and just spending individual quality time with your kids know who theyre friends are and how school is going the list goes on

Any man that does all those things for his wife and kids I can assure you she Will treat him like a king

But when the wife is doing everything in the house and being a mother and father at the same time thats when divorce happens
Here comes the online "it", the online transgender, aka the enemy of Somali men. Are you envious that you are not a Somali man?

Desert Flower

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if men upheld their duties as a father + husband, the somali community would be a lot better off. Just because your dad was in the home and contributed like he was supposed to doesn't mean you invalidate or deny the experiences of other Somali families. There is an epidemic of single parent households in our community and thats facts.