The state of California has spoken!


With great power comes great electricity bill
We’re finally getting the respect we deserve for far too long we was clumped in the same category as those ibnu abeeds :sass2:
Saxiib all you need is to bleach your skin and claim ana carab to complete the holy trifecta of the lost Somali youth
Somalis and Armenians are both seen as North Africans according to this.
Nope. The Category clearly reads "Southwest Asian and North African". Therefore all the SouthWest Asian ethnicities/nationalities would be listed including Armenian.

In Addition, North African Nationalities & Berber are listed because the North African group was included in the Sub-category title.

The inclusion of Somalis & Djiboutians into the SouthWest Asian and North African Category was a stupid mistake, since they're not Southwest Asian or North African & typically look Black African.
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I dont recall
Indians deserve that spot more since they are the true "Aryans".

Somalis are caucasian kulahaa:pachah1:
Let's not act delusional my peopledem


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