The quietest non problematic Somali Diaspora List

Really how about us dutch somalis you never hear crazy things about us. no somali gangs. all the somalis are in school. no somalis are killing eachother


- Reer Australia🐨
- Reer New Zealand 🐑
- Reer Tanzania🦏
-Reer Kenya🐘
- Reer Rwanda 🦍
- Reer Iceland🐧
- Reer Baguette🥖
- Reer Italy🍝
- Reer Arab world 🐪
-Reer Turkey 🦃

Never heard booq from these Somali Diaspora. They are quite civilized mashallah. :banderas:
What about us? Why aren't we on that list? Why on this wretched earth are backstabbing Kenyaatis included ? Walle iyo bille this world ain't fair.
I don't understand at all, this is already giving me dhiigkar .
South African Geeljires are the most quite, civilised and articulate diasporans, we are hardworking people , never fucking loud like those I witness on YT,
we never get help from outside Somalis nor do we collect free welfare from the government since it's none existent , we focus on getting money that's our priority we don't have privelages but we make the best for our offsprings ,
we may face hardships and challenges throughout the way but we are risk takers , we may not live comfortably due to circumstances but once we earn millions of Rands. I'm buying a mansion and move to affluent areas.

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