any changes you wanna make?

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by the way i was invited to this forum by a somali who was proud of his people's anti-black proclivities and wanted to prove it all to me.
You never picked cottons but you picked sugarcanes

no one "picks" sugar cane einstein...and you cannot add an "s" to it either...but yes some slaves did cultivate sugarcane in the islands...a long long time ago. But this is what's happening today we speak one of your cousins can be here.....

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Edo Nene

SUGAR breasts
since its september of 2017 here comes the official sspot nominations/awards of 2017.

Qabiliste of the year - @Inquisitive_

Racist of the year

of the year -
many nominees but i will settle with @Jjero

Pro Madow male of the year-

Milf of the year-
@Edo Nene

Politician of the year-
@Duke of Bohol

Economist of the year -

Lover of the year

Qumayo of the year-

Maskiin of the year-

Fake Sheikh of the year-

Flipflopper of the year-

Fake news of the year-

Gay of the year-

Kaffir of the year-

Nationalist of the year-

Qalanjo of the year-

Troll of the year-

of the year-
I'm very miskeen habar not milf :liberaltears:
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