The New World Order

If we ally with Turkey which seems to be the case for Somalia, we could secure the Chinese market and be it's like Saudi Arabia without any competitor, it's obvious Russia will oversee this new world order thru security protection as they are a leader in this field. A-lot of nations are involved in this belt to road iniatitive. It's basically creating another economy away from the western world.

We should snap up a role wallahi, this is feasible world order to get ourselves up and running again. Could we play the Dubai role for the african economy as it rises up? how will it rise up? it's definitely not how it is now thru farming.
Plus Israel isn't involved in this ring. China never goes there, nor does Russia. That's a good thing wallahi. Old world will be west and its gulf arabs. We can handle those dhega cas and we can handle the bantus we just need to even the edge. We will most likely attack Mecca and call it jewish run becuz thats the world order they are in with israel and west. It will be good thing tho to clean the jews out of their lands. But we need a good force also and we need pastoralist guys in africa to have a nation.

Bantus are linked to the west but siding with china for economic investment. If they join the ring their no need to attack them. They can be our daruri industries, as we get richer their farming products get more expensive which is good for them
We need someone to compile these prophecies from Islam. It is adamant in there a black ethiopian will destroy the kaabah, it says most muslims in our area will get a breeze from yemen and it will swallow up the believers but their will be disbelievers left and they will return to ANIMALS.

This one fact I can attest too also, with deen we are essentially animals. So if noone is teaching DEEN, I can imagine troglodytes populating the place. Being human wasn't in Africa, we were trogolodytes at best, we learned speech in IRAQ that's when we became fully human when religion was brought down.


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