The nationalists are Jaahil


America has a lot of billionaires but also a lot of illegal immigrants & dropouts making shit near subsistence wages. The average is skewed.
yeah but these other countries she's mentioning like luxembor top off at a low number that isn't even considered rich lol basically their equally poor


It's all so tiresome
Nationalism is what will protect us. Without nationalist the US would still be a vassal state of Britain.

Without nationalism we'd be ruled by dress wearing fatties from Riyadh.

No nationalism = multinationals and bigger powers get to ride roughshod all over your sovereignty.

Traitors would still turn the other cheek for the sake of "the ummah" lol.


It is a cancer of the soul and the brain and the heart.

It is important to know the land you come from and your ethnicity/qabiil but Islam and the unity of the ummah comes first and foremost.

I have had many people quote me calling me disgusting words for simply stating the fact that nationalism is haram. This is what the Prophet Muhammad PBUH preached against. If you have a problem with that message, you know where the door is. You will never ever change or corrupt the teachings of Islam. You can't shape it the way you like. Go be a nationalist and don't claim Islam. If my Muslim brothers need us for anything, they will get it. There will be attention for all Muslims wherever they are and whatever tribulations they face. Rohinga, Uyghur, Palestinians and Syria/Iraq and defence against Shiica Iran are at the highest need for attention and assistance. No Muslim should ever have to put up with this. I am very angry almost 30 people have down voted me. I want this thread locked after this post to not have the jaahil give their kuufr opinion.
Akhi I stand by you. We riding out. Strap up.


Make Dhulos Great Again
Nationalism is beautiful, that’s how you build strong nations and an identity, arabs are nationalists so are the Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and all successful kingdoms throughout history. Even Somali history our greatest time is when we were nationalists, what destroys people is tribalism within nationalism, when you pick your particular tribe over your people. None of those people this “MuH UmAhhh” cuck mentioned ever helped us but he is willing to die for them, a Yemeni after waxey samayeen could kill his dad and he will say MuH Ummah the filthy cuck.

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per capita is about the people not the nation which is what were comparing, and 128,000 is much anyways, the real way to determine between nations is nominal gdp
No. GDP would be higher based on the size of the population. Per capita is a better indicator.

If Qatar had the same population size as the U.S, then it would have double the GDP.
Yup. A muslims loyalty is to islam first, not to countries especially corrupt ones like amisomalia

What is there to even be nationalistic and proud, it’s not even our country anymore...