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To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
F-35 is turning out to be a dud. Israel wants F-22 now.

F-35 is slow and sucks in dogfights. Its stealth capabilities have been debunked. Germany opted out to buying Eurofighter Typhoon instead of F-35 after they were able to track F-35.

Besides, F-35 can't carry enough missiles without giving up its already compromised stealth characteristics.

LOL at below:

The tragedy of an uneven UAE-Saudi alliance. Saudi Analysis.

"The tragedy of the #SaudiArabia-#UAE alliance is that the latter only thrives as the former declines, and as sustained international pressure and constant crises push MBS headlong into the arms of anyone who can give respite; even #Israel. Worst of all is that if push comes to shove, the UAE would abandon MBS in a heartbeat as #Qatar once abandoned its long-time close ally Gaddafi".