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Oh Jesus, the girly sentimentality has gushed forth. I knew I shouldn't have posted those pics. "Soooo adorable and handsome" they coo. Nayaadha, why don't you spare some of that goodfeels for the esteemed Mr Wanagsan. Here I am all alone in my old age, loveless, friendless, comfortless, and not one curvy she-human in sight. Dirty little wenches.
Jealous of a dog I see :dabcasar:


I have a feeling @TooMacaan @FSMDOA and @John Michael put me on ignore :ileycry:

Please reply if you didn't block me :mugshotman:

Why do you have the same DP as @TooMacaan. Are you a stalker? Fucking Rafidah harassing our Somali Christian sisters. Did you apologize for saying that you wanna rape masiixi women? No wonder your ass is blocked.

@TooMacaan, drop me a hint if you want this nigga offed. I know how to deal with cats like this.
Lol, no one has triggered me enough to force me to use that block button...not yet anyways:siilaanyolaugh: Although a bit disturbing, @Qansax is probably some 14 y/o kid, I'm immune to his bs by now. He's gonna have to be more creative with his trolling, if he wants to provoke me and gain the glory of being the first to make my block list.


cismaan maxamuud
I haven't blocked anyone as of yet,I've been here long enough and I'm desensitised to the fuckery,nothing fazes me.


I have yet to block anyone but that's cause I'm more of a lurker than a poster.

Why block the crazy idiots when you can laugh at then from your computer screen while enjoying your morning coffee? I'm not on social media anymore so it's my only source of entertainment :dabcasar:


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
I got two chicks on ignore. One that thinks she is some type of royalty and another that pretends to be white.

El padrone

Hedonist, Depressive realist, Existential nihilist
I don't block ppl based on disagreements. I only block the people who write nasty, vomit inducing posts. wallahi nearly puked after reading someones sick post and thats when I discovered I didn't have to put up with it :pachah1:
Not open for further replies.