Trigger Warning the hypocrisy of somalis that disgusts me most


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Sxb this thread was entertaining, everyone turned tribal, walle waa lays bartay. :banderas:

@Samaalic Era you held it down sxb. Hats off wallahi. Jananka HG noolow :denzelnigga:

There is a saying
"When someone speaks, listen thrice. Once to hear what is said, twice to hear from whom said it, and thrice to hear who it is said to". Qaxaabada xun ee threadka furatay cidaha ey ka dhalatay iyo godobka ay tirsanayso waanu naqaan.
Why were you hiding?

Secondly adiga qaxab ah, gabadha Ka fuq.


An incredible amount of hypocrisy on a thread about hypocrisy.

On this very thread we have people calling out MJ forumers, for being qabiliste, and talking about how MJs, are the most qabiliste people. We can sit here all day and night, going back and forth, about x clan is more qabiliste, than y clan.

However, what is undeniable, is that atleast with MJ, we are honest and straightforward, with our qabilism. We make it known, straight off the bat, we are proud of our clan, and will work for it's interests. Now, if this does indeed make us, "the most qabiliste clan", then I'll f*cking wear it as a badge of honour.

The thing about other non-MJ clans, is that they are just (if not even more) qabiliste than MJs. Southern clans love to use "Nationalism" to hide their qabilism, and Issaqs have a whole fake "Independent Country" to cover theirs.

I just love how, Southerners will cry out and scream "Somalinimo", "Wadanka", "Somalia Somali baa leh".....all the while, they're against any forms of development and financial aid to in point, the FSG disproving Garacad port project, and just recently cancelling the £28m World Bank package that was coming to Garowe.......I could go on and on all day......not giving PL students, their fare share of allocated numbers to study in foreign universities in countries like Sudan, Pakistan, and Malaysia......also the constant purging of MJ politicians holding vital government/ministerial positions in the 1 bedroom villa Government.

Like I said, I dont have time, to go back and forth with people, that will be constantly talking utter shite. Keep at it.
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Why were you hiding?

Secondly adiga qaxab ah, gabadha Ka fuq.
I didn't see the thread until it was thrown in the Politics section. But no doubt I am proud of tolka, the selective outrage and Hawiya guilt I've been preaching against for a long time has been turned on its head. I guess me and you can now focus on building bridges outside of FKD :it0tdo8:
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