The guy who killed Teewiz is dead

adam hassan

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Aly teewiz had the whole of west on lock, CGM everything. Soon as they put him in the ground they been making qashin bars about him now we finna even the score :shaq:
Karma. They got him in Telford as well which is in the middle of nowhere. Someone got the drop
Lot of man gonna be mocking this one
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shut up you Toronto niggas soft stop trying to tell SSpot fairytales. Barely any bodies drop in Toronto on year to year basis stop trying to make a safe place seem hard
You live in Virginia my nigga ur irrelevant no ones checking for u bro you have no rights to talk buctkee fentanyl addict I bet u sniff lines of coke in grindtv truck stupid bucket


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After our brother Teewizz Allahu naxriisto who got stabbed to death in 2017 and got mocked in drill songs for years after his after his death. Well today is a big day, somalis got their revenge and his killer was shot dead today in broad daylight what a beautiful day maashallah may he rest in piss


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i feel bad for saying mashallh to someone being murdered, but somalinimo til i dhimo, so nice to hear his death avenged.

i will also reserve my thoughts on the name teewhizz, in order to honor the dead. AUN