The downfall of Somali diaspora

The men are busy discussing bs about irrelevant stuff women are lost in. The sauce the young boys are trying to do good but struggling others are trying to do gang gang but they’re also facing defeat. And our women well the vast majority of the ones my age 25 yo are now getting smashed by the Bantu niggas which are dogs and monkeys but they getting Somali pussy in abundance meanwhilst the humble geeljire smashes the ajnabi that show lust and all other women female sort.

Idk why but I can guarantee that in the uk especially in bigt city your daughters are getting anal from Bantu niggas from 18 to 28 no idea I’m finnna dessert this cursed country asap these self hating halimos wallahi it wasn’t like this when I was growing up on the roads I was getting mad love from my doooocils.
Not only anal but sex in a car where people can see them and in the park. Someone I know who drives Uber with me said he did this alot. I'm disgusted by what has happened to us.


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The older somali kids I used to think were cool growing up, they used to let me listen to their r and b and rap cds on the block in the hood back in the day. I was like whoa I wish i had money for cds, but their moms was on welfare on dads in the coffee shop talking politics. I realize later when we moved away they got the cd money through drugs or ***ing. Damn..

Those older somali kids I saw sitting on the block when I was riding my bike as a kid,
slowly turned into ***s, saqajamin, gang bangers and losers, in jail or dead.

Its just sad but they made their choices, imagine all the younger ones they mislead too many victims of bad choices for real. These instagram pages you guys obsess over just remind me of them days.


Tbh everyone is dying here. Just yesterday a man died near my house. His polis friends stabbed shim after getting drunk. The UK is cursed and every western girl even Muslim is a used ***. Just marry obedient women back home. They might no be perfect but they will cook,clean and never disobey you.

Focus on yourself. Get the lacag!!
Bro I got the bag now give me sincere advice as to what to do next
what you all talking about is gus and shiil. the world goes on you no longer in somalia,enjoy the melting pot if your offspring come out jinni then thats cute.


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But all the abdis banging white women and other minorities is fine? Most Somalis guys and girls live double live. This is not limited to the Somali community .The amounts of guy and girls how come from religious or strict family act like moral, righteous and virtuous then at night drink, bang or smoke is countless.
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Akhi I love how you put this in Global Affairs it makes it sounds like Top News on Global Level which I believe it is too. Thank you back in the days I used to admire the UK, but now I am looking towards Arabia to raise my children and offspring or even Djibouti or Ethiopia.
I’m strongly considering this and even looked into Qatar and the UAE
Why don't we Somali men apply the same tricks as the madows to those ********s they are cheap ***s you don't need manners. Let those ********s be at least ***s to their own men like for example:Albanians they have too ***s in their community but most of them are ***s to their own men.
i know 2 Albanian girls with fat asses (one was 9/10 face) that got pregnant by 2 Somali guys in my college/uni 2016/17 times, and wallahi literally 90% of **** somali chicks are ***s to somali niggas bro lets not be delusional lool it don’t seem like it but trust me it’s those savage persistent faraxs that get the **** xalimos i’ve seen it with my own eyes


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