The beautiful diversity of black Africa


Freedom Fighter, Anti Riba.
Whats that forum you came from again lipstick way ?

I think its time for you to go back.




Pan-Africanism/Hotep propagada online= Pan-How-To-Get-In-Somali-Nigis.

Like when Madoow men marched in the 1960's for "I have a dream to sleep with White women".

They don't tell women from Ghana " We is all Black sista girl".. no, they save it for qalanjo qoordheer from Somalia.

They also tell BIRACIAL women that they are "Black" and insult them for being with White men.

In short; if they are attracted to you, they try to recruit you into their fake mythical Black race.
Wallahi I can’t stand you naa heedhe. :yloezpe:
Ur living in lala land if you think we’re black abaayo. I don’t blame you though cos i was once like you. I believed that we were black a long time ago too. Now if I was to ask you what makes us black you would go ahead and tell me we’re from Africa and we have black skin. North Africans are from Africa, are they black ? Indians have darkskin are they black ? We don’t share anything in common with madows in terms of history, culture and genetics. We look like two completely different people (feature wise). I feel like a lot of Somalis like to hide under this “black label” because you guys are afraid to identify as Somali only and well nowadays being black is a trend/cool. Yes we do face the same struggles as them today that is true but other than that ana somali only. Cushitic na ma garanaayo, madow iyo arab na ayeeydooda ha waasan.
This girl is crazy. I'm not related to folk from west africa. We have nothing to do with each other. Just as how arabs are white skinned but having nothing to do with japanese who are also white skinned even though they are both white skinned, and are "Asian". So take your bs somewhere else. If you want a madow dude go for him, and make dhagax kids.
Since when were Arabs white skin lol
The real tribal arabs are brown in color
We are not black, Asian, Arab, Cushites. WE ARE JUST SOMALI. At this point, its not just the youth that need dhaqan celis but their parents too for failing to teach their children about their roots. Claiming a lineage Allah(swt) did not descend you from is HARAM. Disgusting.
This thread is completely obliterated. :pachah1: :pachah1: :pachah1: :pachah1: :pachah1:
oh by the way, if woke somalis try to use "Somalis are black, look at their skin" argument, just use "there are indians that are darker" argument. Since a common argument I often see from sjw somalis is the color of skin loool.


I agree with you sister. You also forgot to list other black cousins of ours.

South Indians.


Sri Lankans.


Andamanese people from the Andaman Islands.


Aboriginal people native to Australia.


Melanesian people from Papua New Guinea.


Blackness around the world. :2tjlv3e:
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Damn, y'all went in on her

@Destiny I'm with you, I largely identify myself as black irl


Regardless if race is socialized or not, the consequences are real.

Abayo, Somalis need saving. Somalis need unity and our country is a wreck.

Somalis were always proud people and did not get their pride from Madow or Arabs, it came from internal self-worth.

1. Islam
2. Somalinimo
3. Start at home, your family, your relatives, your kin, your gobol, your state, your country.

This is what Islam dictates. Charity starts at home. Love starts at home.

Not from the top of the world with something called "Blackness". It is a meaningless, superficial, WHITE MAN invention.

Those Madows won't stop their propaganda until they make you kiss their feet and apologise for your Somalinimo.


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