The average girl is ugly and look worse than the average guy

Most women are fairly ugly. They spend so much time on their looks. Makeup, weaves, clothes designed toshow certain body parts in better light, eyelashes, nails and heels are to give certain illusion. They spend 10 times more time in the loik. By the time you meet her in person she looks like a different person. Then you see her one day when she wakes up and you see a different person.
"Most women are fairly ugly" said no straight person ever
I swear its true though. Most women in their natural way are ugly. The perception of makeup and clothes is huge game changer. Guys in general dontvknow how to dress or maximize their looks


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If you had to choose a race what would you say is the better looking female Somali or White? I’d probably say white since white girls typically work out at the gym and don’t wear make up as much. :pachah1:


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Is this your coming out of the closet story?

You sound Khaniis who hates women.


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I agreed but it the same for men since everyone these days are at an unhealthy weigh and generally look terrible.


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We are all beautiful in our own ways, let us appreciate what makes us unique and not use negative words like “ugly” :)