Tariq Nasheed talks with a Somali

Tariq Nasheed is just talker and a capper, he does nothing for his community he is just a barking dog. He likes to instill hate, he has made fun of East Africans before. Victimhood is not the solution.
Tariq Nasheed is only hating because he wants to be like us, his culture is so messed up he has become mentally unwell. These people have a traumatic past, so they like to drag everybody down with them who doesn't join them.


「Immortal Sage」
What happened to her face?

I hope she's not being abused. I hear about "reverts" and non-Muslim Madoow men abusing women. I pray that is not the case.

Somali women need to protect themselves from these Hoteps and Somali women fetishisers, they will destroy your self-esteem and identity.
I watch the video because of your comment. Her face in busted or it might be the camera and shadow
Not going to lie but the fact we are in peoples minds 24/7 strokes my ego.:ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa:

That is why in some days I intentionally log in with my Somali username on PS4 BO4. To get that negative reaction and set some fire in the lobbies.

I am there to give them some good beating using the Somali name intentionally :denzelnigga:
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