Tall Girls


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Why us somalis so tall:ooh: im seeing alot 6ft+ im 6'4 all my brothers r 6ft plus guess moving to the west made us taller:mjdontkno:


Death Awaits You
tall girls are a little awkward in bed especially for a skinny farax but they are indeed gorgeous


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and , if you date or marry a woman who's taller then you, then you're gay and want to be dominated subconsciously :manny:

Closet-ka ka soo baxa
NACALAA :susp::chrisfreshhah:


❇Geeljire of the Cosmos❇
the benefit of being with a short girl.

- easy to carry around like a backpack without getting dhabar xanuun lol.
- it makes you look taller.
- cuddling and hugging and bed activities are must easier to enjoy
-women who are shorter and smaller than you are sexier and more feminine then caasho dheers .

iyo waxyaalo kale oo badan :fittytousand::denzelnigga:
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