Sudan massacre. Humanity has failed Africa.


Somalis are #1 bilaadhiigs. They will insult or kill you if you come from the wrong clan, but lick ajnabi ass like it's ice cream.

I believe around 100 people died in Sudan but you would think that tens of thousands were being killed by the military the way people are talking about the situation. 100 is very minuscule.
I personally feel bad for all the innocent people being raped and killed and send my condolences but I barely saw any Sudanese people show any support for somalia during the huge 2011 drought that claimed the lives of 260,000 Somalis, I’m not telling any of you guys not to show any solidarity but I’m seeing far too many Somalis spreading awareness and even donating to sudan compared to the Sudanese I’ve ever seen mention somalia during our hardships.

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Representative of Bari
War isn't just bombs, you need army generals and on-foot soldiers. If developed USA needs it then so does useless retarded country KSA.

With that mind set go cheer on Nigeria, massive oil country that's even shittier than Kenya that grows tea.... diversification > oil... Unless you have Venezuela or GCC level oil which no African country does.
They are both important however agriculture is a bit smarter because the coruption would be much lower then oil. But oil is more profitable if its managed correctly which will not happen we come from a nation that invented corruption. We will see certain clans rise with oil


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