It’s not that serious
So she’s saying feminism removes the man out of the picture :what1: whaaaaaaaa. Internalized patriarchy smh and she doesn’t even know it


Cheat on her before she cheats on you.
She let him leave out of kibir I support the brother! Who knows if the kids were bad vibes and he wanted out?

Why must you stick around for kids you don't love it's not fair!



Just follow the day and reach for the sun!
Notice how she says extreme which is usually what you see on social media, i agree with her post :dzmxmmb:
This is picture is facts upon facts, however this is not the fault of feminism or women. The man, the father is the one that should be blamed. If a man, a father leaves his family, this might happen. The divorced wife could harbor negative feelings over men. The daughter will grow seeing men as something she should avoid due to the fact her father abandoned her. The son will not be very masculine as the father is not there to teach him how to be a man. If I ever get divorced ( Inshallah I don’t ) I will make sure that this won’t happen.