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cismaan maxamuud
I just finished reading @The Cushitic One's beef threads. Wawareey, toloow islaanta waa yaxaas ilka weyn. Ilaahay ha naga qabto. She sounded so innocent and pious on the phone. She told me she is a niqabi who is tight with sheikh Sudaysi. Not a word is true. This alligator will be the demise of me. She beefed with Steam Development, she lambed with God Knows Best, she chickened with Too Macaan. What an evildoer. She will toss and gore me like maxaa ka gale. Stay the hell away from me naya
She's light work:mjlol:
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Those dogs are cute. What's creepy about them?
dogs are the worst type of xayawaans,no wonder allah made them najaas,its a pity that there's soo many down here that are allowed to roam free here in australia
Canines are a man's best friend. They're not najas. That's a Wahabbi myth. The Quran mentions that you can eat animals killed by hunting dogs. Also the people of the cave in Suratul Kahf had a dog with them.

Hadiths that demonize dogs are forgeries that contradict the Quran.
You're legit a child, resorting to your mother jokes after one insult,do you really have nothing in your locker

All you have is what that lame lil

Keep stalking me you obsessed
lil FAN... I've already won
Look at what your resorting


Who is Ahmed ABDI Omar on that FB
Post? You just BAITED YOUR
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El padrone

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I was just scrolling through and it popped into my head. You seem sexually frustrated, tone it down.
theres nothing frustrated about seeking carnal desires. allow it fam. bidaar is the realist odey out there
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