Stuff That Creeps You Out

- I find white women with black hair weird. I mean seriously, if you're gonna be white, you should be a brunette, a blonde, or a red head. Black is for losers.

- Black skaters. Skate boarding is for white folks. If you're a skating nigga, you've got serious identity issues.

What creeps you out?
nighttime :wow:
old people
sick people (I'm trying to put an end to this one)
asian drivers
leering men
Im claustrophobic. last time I went to Somalia I travelled in a small car with over 20 people. every time I complained my relatives would say, "aamus, naag miya tahay?"

still have trauma from that experience :noneck:


Staff Member
Somali women with non-Somali partners in public. I get an auto-revulsion response. Not even jealous, just disgusted.