State what you think of the poster above you

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Lool It's how I felt after creeping the forum. At the time the forum was averaging 3 or 4 threads about habeshis and arabs a day. I signed up to tell people they were being embarrassing. *its misspelled bc I was having trouble signing up so changed the nic.
somalis are an uncreative bunch.


f*ck you im from Mudug

Music taste 10/10

What a song

Could've ended as a crisp in a pile of smoke, or wanted for vehicular manslaughter not two years ago

This forum is embarrassing tbh.

he tries to hide it.
Live a little :patrice:. Its quite fun when you emerge the victor and you are alive. Dopamine burst. :superman:. kkk I don't hide anything, Ive admitted to share mgtow philosophical ideals, but they are men who are in "war" I'm not about that. Im cruising along.:stevej:
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