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SSpoters writing styles


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
“I know ur lying i can sense your lies”
Mentions users weight
Insert random Wendy gif
Insert your dp for no reason
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He’ll :gucciwhat:use:bell:smiles:farmajoyaab:every:mahubowtf:other:faysalwtf:word:lolbron:
“Actually it’s not ment it’s meant.”
Will write two pages of insults
“Futada sheeg”
Has to mention her tribe
Insert Reality TV gif

Wendy gif is my shIT from now on lol


@geeljire madaxweyne

fuck ayrabs you kuffar, wahabi, al-shabaab, isis-loving ayrab bootyclapper kuffar go blow yourself up sufis are amazing hooyada waas you're a fucking salafi go back to arabia

somali nationalism nationalism nationalism more blind nationalism nationalism we wuz cushites our deen is somalinimo islam i will only accept that


Islamic Fanfiction Writer
Insert the latest dank meme
Constantly confusing faaraxs who don’t know how to react.
A heart of gold
Constantly changing her status
My adopted child.
Witty one liners


The Prodigy

Well according to the Italian book of colonial records, my qabil is clearly more superior because my abo worked with them and he told me that we are actually the chosen people, and that historically we invented atlanis and the rest of somalis were duqon indigenous who didn't have soap before my people came from a yacht from distant lands.

This is all written in the Futuh Al Habash


The Prodigy
this is what @Factz writes :lolbron:

Well @randomuser and @Grant you are wrong :pachah1:, I flew to Washington D.C and got access to the library of congress and took still images and found this source saying that Somalis indeed colonize mars. Look at the evidence below.



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I need a light skin girl from magaalada hebel can @randomuser hook that up for me?


I prefer dark chocolate skinned dimes and that’s why I got the Sri Lankan bug these days. Let me borrow a line from @CaliTedesse ’walaahi akhii’, I cringe when I see beautiful dark skinned Somali chicks lightening their skin with makeup. Not confident and proud of who they are and not my type.

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