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Guys this is all jokes and for entertainment only! Don't take none of this serious!

@Apollo We got the Jews on our team part of Afro-Asiatic, hence we will dominate the others. :siilaanyolaugh:

@Ferrari Somali men are are being tested by Allah and is punishing us with cursed Somali women.

@Sheikh I am landheere ugaas reer diini. Us sade are majority in Jubbaland. I am FKD king.

@nine always bring funny quotes, tags people and uses the same emoji. :russ::dead:

@Gucci mane always uses this emoji. :heh:

@xalimathe6 Buck tooth ashy Abdi, don't derail my thread and exit, please.

@government I am Arab, Banu Hashim from Yemen. I love Arabs and Somalia is part of the Arab league because we are afro-Arabs.

@halwa I can be quiet and innocent, sis, but I’m also loud. Depends if I’ve had my porridge that day. It takes a lot of energy.

@Cauli Somali men must try different flavours. There are many wonderful green postures instead of sticking in the desert with Somali women.

@Kaiser Xaarlimoids must be tamed. :fittytousand:

@SOMALI GENERAL always talking about Berbers/North Africans. He must be married to one. God bless him.

@sophisticate Writes essays and always talks about wanting a particular Farah. Example: I seem to attract cerebral Faraxs which are easy on the eyes. They have a gift for gab and prematurely present their hearts on a slab. But mine is too cumbersome to grab. It requires more than just beauty and brilliance it also needs a profundity of patience, compassion, and resilience.

@HalimaJ I am feminine, pretty, got big ass, I reject 99% of men on a daily basis.

@Teeri-Alpha Agah Agah, I am from the Ogaden race who are tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Received PHD in Caghdeerology from the university of Jamaame.

@CaliSomali I don't want to wear Hijab because I live in California where women don't wear such stuff. It's my choice and proceeds to make threads about hair and race.

@sigmund and her crusade with UK Mathows on Twitter and YouTube.

@geeljire madaxweyne Always promoting Cushitic union and crusading against Wahabism and Arabs. Supports Israel.

@Basra always copying people's DP.

@Pastoralite and his hippo fetish.
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@Factz - I see you saved my quote. :siilaanyolaugh: Is this some form of pay back for turning you into a caricature a couple threads ago? Kkk


@Apollo Dna haplogroups afro asiatics rules blast bla bla
Nigga > confused about genetics
>Apollo the smart genuis corrects

@Basra inserts dps

@SOMALI GENERAL blah blah we wuz Caucasian kangz cause some white dudes fucked hideous black hoez
All praise to my white daddy

@Factz DEBUNKT !!!!!!!!!
am the most smartest dude ever
"I have superior iq"

"Please be civil everyone "
Relax everyone

@CaliSomali why can't we be liberal
Am Not wearing no hijab
Wah wah we need to be like white people
Then begs madhows all day

@Lolalola Arab are the best
Am a wahabi but am really not
stop saying am wahabi am pan Arab

@Nilotufian and @HIGH PRIESTESS
Yaa cushites are the best
Cushites need to come together to stop the Arab expansion
Let's enslave these apes again !!!!!!
What geeljire is trying to say is cushites are da best

Also my favorite girls on this site love you guys

Wah waha wah am nice to girls
girls are da best
You niggaz need to show them some respect
@Tukraq trolls people
Proceeds to remind us east Africans don't look like us
And tries his best to prove no one looks like somalis
Then groups somalis with niggaz and afro Americans groups that resemble somalis the least
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