Sspoter Survey: What exactly is love?


Getting draids inshallah
When we love someone we experience the same positive thoughts and experiences as when we like a person. But we also experience a deep sense of care and commitment towards that person. Being “in love” includes all the above but also involves feelings of sexual arousal and attraction.

Conflating love and sex dilutes the meaning of both. 'In love''s proper meaning is lust because sexual arrousal and attraction fall into the category of lust.

I agree with your definition of love and I'd also add a genuine desire to help in the growth of something or someone. You can love a tree if you nurture it, water it, take care of it and watch it grow. It's not capable of reciprocating but you can still have that emotion for it. It's a relationship built on bettering something/someone other than yourself whether you get rewarded for it or not. ie a giving relationship.

Lust is a relationship about your sexual desires and needs either in blunt fashion or under the guise of helping someone because of the expected reward. It's why 'in love' has a honeymoon phase which could either be replaced by actual love or it detorities because one or both people couldn't get past fulfilling their desires/needs to the detriment of the other.

Many people think they love someone when in reality it's their needs and desires that trump those of their supposed loves. So many parent/children relationships fall into this category.