Speed shukansi

Is barta, let loose a little, theres this rigidness between somalis of the opposite sex that is abnormal, is dabciya, have some shukansi. I take it upon myself to officiate and initiate

@Geeljire sanbuur
@geeljire madaxweyne
@Geeljire lotus
@Timo Madow and proud
@Samaalic Era

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Ninyohow waa Ramadan xishood blzz you are like iblis trying to instigate fitna, kkkkkk


Bosaso iyo Bandar Siyada

Sxb, I just judged you from your dp (avatar) and thought, damn, with his male bra, man boobs are still showing. If paired with @Basra and knowing her well, first thing she will say to you is can I touch them. From there on, size arguments will ensue. Button up Sxb.
:farmajoyaab:I thought i already got exposed that i'm not the person in my dp


Bosaso iyo Bandar Siyada
Some of them are spooky.
I was once participating in this aroos party where some Somali girls passed by us and one of the guys greeted them, then one of the chicks almost bited his head off walahi :ftw9nwa::Sutehja:
Exactly they think that you want something from them even though they fucking smell like 1 month old suugo :camby: