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Something I’ve noticed.


I do something called "what I want"
Damn @Qali @BlackJack and @sambuusi really are pressed huh :lolbron:

I’d like to see you guys overcompensate by bashing on abdis (as if you guys don’t do that everyday)

Just know, I’ve been keeping a relatively neutral position, yes I’ve been a misogynist but that’s against all women, not just xaliimos.

So the moment you guys start gunning for my boys, is when I’ll have to step in. I don’t play games, and I got an arsenal of nukes that I’m ready to use. So calm down is my advice.

You don’t want no smoke :fredo:
A guy complaining/bashing somali women all day aint a man but a boy.

They just letting out their frustration out on here from the somali male basing they see on twitter.