Somalispot Match Up

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:mjcry: But there's so many Faraxs on Sspot that feel unloved. They are stray puppies (a little puggish). If I don't save them they will remain lonely until they are finally deposited in an incinerator (due to overcrowding).

@TooMacaan who will carry on my good work if I'm matched up?
@TooMacaan Who or what is Inactive? Is that a joke about my age? Does inactive = Bidaar will be dead soon? Unbelievable. I have fought so many years for young people's rights - the right to smoke and drink and f*ck at sixteen. I even lobbied my Somali MPs to lower the age of voting to thirteen, but to what end? Now I've got millenials placing bets on how long I've got till I kick the bucket. So much evil in this world. I pray Allah avenges me.
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