Somalis with light hair color

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Most of my family has very dark brown hair, or black hair with brown undertones, if that makes sense. My abo and I have completely black hair though
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The coloured hair is found in all regions abaayo. Most of the Somali women who don't have pitch black hair dye it because it's not considered as beautiful.

It's genetics though. One side of my family have light brown to red hair whereas the rest have pitch black. Most Africans though have a dark brown hair with red undertones. Very few have black hair like indhayars.

I have dhuxul mugdi hair. :icon e biggrin:
:ohhh:Thought I imagined this, but under the right lighting my hair does go from black to brown/reddish
And those white patches on the two front teeth also due to calcium deficiency :drakelaugh:

I have it :chrisfreshhah:
:mugshotman: Me too. Had it since i was a kid. But what the hell i was born in the west & eaten the best foods :ileycry:

Could it be genetic? None of my immediate family members have it, but could be distant :cosbyhmm::kendrickcry:
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