Somalis with light hair color

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What causes this? I know sun exposure is one of the reason but my older sister and brother have this type of hair color, and they grew up in MN, so not much sun exposure here.

Also I noticed it's more common in certain regions of Somalia.


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I recently saw a Somali family of natural red heads, but I'm not sure if they were full Somalis or half Somalis. They looked suspect and the parents weren't there.

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The coloured hair is found in all regions abaayo. Most of the Somali women who don't have pitch black hair dye it because it's not considered as beautiful.

It's genetics though. One side of my family have light brown to red hair whereas the rest have pitch black. Most Africans though have a dark brown hair with red undertones. Very few have black hair like indhayars.

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My little brother has it but its most likely from nutrient deficiency, he doesn't eat well. I temporarily had it on the front portion of my hair most likely from the sun , also sea water on my hair drying up from the sun would cause it.
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