Somalis should not be drinking alcohol

It’s haram which should be enough reason to not drink. But not only that but we literally cannot handle it. I’ve seen far too many faraxs, xalimos and odays here in reer henny go absolutely crazy off the bottle and embarrass themselves in ways that others would never. And many don’t seem to know their limits either, people go from never drinking to drinking till they black out or becoming an alcoholic. It’s better not to pick up the habit to begin with
I’ve seen a drunk xalimo 2 months ago in Clapham Junction station. It was like 1AM and she was shouting and talking to herself like a madman. The railway workers were even commenting on the fact that they’ve never seen a Muslim woman drunk before.


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I don't drink all the time , only when hanging out with the homies I grew up with ,
I closed my store , then saw the homies ,
We exchanged greetings

"Salut my bru , ***gaaandit , lange tyd "

"Yo rasta , Salut, alles is goed , same shit different day, Covid het ons fucked up, laat ons catch up voordat hulle die derde lockdown implementeer "

"Aight , bru , laat ek die dagga uitsorteer, jy bring die voëls, draai op soos die ou dae, f*ck Covid 19 en hul reëls"

" Aight" .

Damn it was last year since we had a good turn up , last night we were playing cards at the jardiin , smoking weed , we drank till 3:AM and damn the circle are xariifiin they invited pretty women over , we bought Jack Daniels , tiny scotch bottle and mini mixed vodka,
drank the shit neat.
We set some BBQ , grilled chicken peri peri a rare Braai here in South Africa.
Obviously we drank in moderation , cracking up jokes and reminiscing about the life in the city .
And there were five of us , old school friends for a long time.
Three Somalis , Ethiopian and South African we invited the women over and yeah it was lit.
I drank in total 6 shots. Never even touched the other two bottles kkkk.
After drink we were in the Casino finnessing the system , not gonna lie we were playing roulettes, spending little like placing R3000 and we got like R10,000 , spin , we left because that is what you should do not spend more time.
I woke up the next day without a hangover.
I don't even feel sick , because I had drank in consideration , something Somalis have a hard time grasping , I mean you can get wavy , tipsy but what's the point of drinking if you intend to get wasted , blacked out and pissing yourself, and you say you enjoy , but ***** about it the next day, no my friend , that's not how you enjoy a bottle.
To enjoy a good shot , you need a drinking glass , it's your choice if you want to mix it , but always add three cubes of Ice, also sip if you have mixed drinks not drink the fucking shit like Caano Geel.
Although mixed drinks is not my taste , I prefer to drink neat, very very neat.

I get your point Somalis when they are too reer baadiye they are likely to jug the entire shit in seconds without measuring the units , that's where the fucking problem lies not the drink itself.
Yes they happen to binge drink sida neef waalaan .
I mean if you go batshit crazy on two beers , what makes you think you can drink a stronger beverage like spirits , Somalis drink on empty stomach and they don't hydrate between each sessions.
That bottle was 100 cl , 40% volume
and it's not empty.
ofcourse alcohol slows the brain down and their system , meaning they would be delirious also they are very stupid , because the more you drink , the more sick you get when you're hangover kkk.
I never over drink I would call it a night , that bottle was half and we poured that shit into the drain kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
I know what you are talking about I've seen these people drink from dusk to dawn not good , I mean why drink till 6AM or 7AM when the sun's about to set.
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Thats mainly FOBS and few hot headed hood Somalis. Those us of born here know not to drink a whole appleton to the head :ftw9nwa:
Also older ones who fled the war, they definently cannot handle it. They were definently drunks in pre war Mogadishu.

Kkkkk you used to be a Salafi, what happened?