Somalis on twitter bullied a half Somali girl into deleting her pics

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isn't it a little suspect when a guy says 'break the internet' and posts a pic?\
idk about yall but to me it's a little to flamboyant.


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Pepe Shebelle (previously known as "The Dervish State") is one of those Twitter Somali Supremacist Trolls. There's practically a brigade of people like him. Like the others he often talks shit about Somali girls, other tribes (he has praised the killing of Isaaq people), and, of course, people of other races, especially black people.

Poor girl, she deleted her pictures after Pepe told her too only for him to troll her. She even apologized though it wasn't her fault. Fortunately, she's getting more support than hate from what I got. She's half-AA and Christian so naturally people will come for her.

However, her dad isn't Somali and from what I gather the only uniquely Somali trait she got was the hair if that first pic is any indication. It's best for her to claim her father's side. She seems really miskeen and she doesn't deserve such bullying.
Pepe Shebelle told me he's on a crusade to protect Somalis from the onslaught of madoows. He's really passionate about it too. I trolled him on twitter.

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
He was using talking points other somalis said to him

Just a day ago he was telling a Somali girl that being Somali and Muslim are inseparable in response to that half-Filipino Christian Somali girl's pictures


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I checked her Instagram and, uh

I think we got ourselves another SomaliPride situation

But why???
I see you have met the infamous AA.

I have met many who unironically claim to descend from native Americans rather than Africans.

A few half "Ethiopians" as well.
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