Somalis don’t respect the hijab

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that’s what my parents did to my younger siblings . They didn’t wear it the min they were brought into this world but by puberty were taught the meaning of hijab and why it’s important and gave them a choice . They both still wear it
Some parents think its good to make their kids accustomed to it at such a young age, but in most cases the ones who rebel against the hjiab and dont wear are those who were forced to wear it so young.

I have a friends who were hijabs since the age of 5, and now dont wear hijabs at all.


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They've accustomed to western degeneracy while "wearing" female islamic attire, they nave no shame no doubt it'll be norm if we dont put a stop it it. :camby:

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I agree, and it has to do with the fact that they started wearing it at a young age, but were never told the meaning behind it. It’s no wonder they rebel. They don’t know better.

Personally, a girl shouldn’t start wearing it until she’s reached puberty, or generally wants to wear it. I wouldn’t force my daughters to wear it because (lets be honest) I’m too lazy to do their hair. No.


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I think people know the meaning behind it like please they aren’t babies .... but clout chasing and their Duniya desires became bigger than pleasing Allah...

I don’t know what I feel about the hijab being sexualised like this which was the opposite of his purpose....Shame on her.

May Allah protect us from fitnah and temptations ...


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