Somalis doing the Hitler Salute under Fascist

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One could not make it up, just like an comedian episode Somslis make the Hitler Salute unbeknoweth to them whatbit means or were they too scared of their colonial masters.

Somalis are a proud bunch but colonialism even in secluded places is embarrassing. Somalis are not alone on that regardbit happened to brown, black and reddish white skinned folks in Africa, Asia and Oceania.



Cultural revolution
That's fucked up. white people 100% deserve their future extinction.

Yet there are some coons here who look up to these former colonialists like they're their fathers. That's some Stockholm syndrome self hating shit :susp: they crave domination
He is just preparing to make tge military salute. What was Abdullahi thinking making him the Police Chief of Somalia. A man that murdered 700 of the closest family members in a blood thirsty snd totally unprovoked night attack on civilians in Gaalkacyo.
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