Somalis are people of the Sun


Raw Hard Truth
Good weekend everyone, I just noticed,

I'm up at 4 am every morning,

The world is dark and gloomy, then out of the darkness, the real iftiin of life pops out of the sky and illuminates our earth, giving us nutrients, and light and other amazing shit.

The second the I see that Sunrise I feel all happy inside wallahi billahi and I feel like I can conquer the world:fittytousand:

Anytime Im in Africa, the feeling is 10 times stronger, I don't know if any qurbajoog noticed that.

Then I read a Dua and wonder at the amazement of Allah for creating this :farmajoyaab: we truly are people of the sun.




I am an offical nacas. too honest
Dhul-Qarnain and the setting of sun. Hell no, we are not gog and magog. Take this qashin down. We are not the people of hell. HELL NO. Admin, come and put this sheep down. Say bismillah when cutting his throat off.


"You are your best thing"
It’s probably why a lot of us suffer from low vitamin D, these cold places are not meant for us. My mood drastically changes when I’m in sunny places.