Somalis are being targeted by madows in MN

This is why I urge Somalis to not focus on Americas issues and to not waste time being Idle in America, and to invest back home so that when it becomes safe and a first world country, we can move back. This is not our land.
Somalia a first world country? Sxb do you live for 1000 years?
Mainly just whatsapp videos of Somali moms crying about what's happening in North Minneapolis, the news station isn't covering it because it would be "black on black crime" in their eyes.
There’s barely any Somalis that live in the ghetto of North Minneapolis. 1st time actually even hearing they live there.
I know this isn't helpful regarding the current issue but MN is still very affordable- make it your goal to move into safer generations if you can afford to. This way, future generations will be somewhat sheltered from these scenarios.
There’s barely any Somalis that live in the ghetto of North Minneapolis. 1st time actually even hearing they live there.
Are you okay? North Minneapolis is full of Somalis :browtf:
No there not :ftw9nwa:
I lived in North Minneapolis specifically on Plymouth Ave & Knox Ave in these brick section 8 buildings. That’s probably the only spot on the northside Somalis live in but aside from that north Minneapolis is mathow majority.
Their has been a major spike in violent attacks against Somalis from madows within Minnesota, even after Somalis spent so much time and energy helping them with BLM. Thoughts? I think we need to protect our own in certain ways... :farmajoyaab:
I thought madows and Somalis got along in the states and were bros ad sis
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madow who were enslaved are the richest black group as well as the black group with the most clout.

Black buying power
African-American buying power has seen impressive gains since the end of the last economic downturn, jumping from $961 billion in 2010 to an estimated $1.3 trillion in 2018. Since 2000, the African-American market has seen a 114 percent increase in buying power.

$20.93 trillion

Nigerian GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) has almost tripled from $170 billion in 2000 to $451 billion in 2012,[30] though estimates of the size of the
informal sector
(which is not included in official figures) put the actual numbers closer to $630 billion. Subsequently, the GDP per capita doubled from $1400 per person in 2000 to an estimated $2,800 per person in 2012 (again, with the inclusion of the informal sector, it is estimated that GDP per capita hovers around $3,900 per person).[31] (Population increased from 120 million in 2000 to 160 million in 2010). These figures were to be revised upwards by as much as 80%(percent) when metrics were to be recalculated subsequent to the rebasing of its economy in April 2014.[32]

Nigeria GDP
$442.976 billion (nominal,
est.) $1.044 trillion (PPP,

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