Somaliland sending 5000 troops to Burma to help Rohingya muslims.


Nobody believes that Somaliland has troops to deploy.the mp is just a layer.
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Ahmed A J Zaahir
Lab Technician at Edna Adan Hospital
don`t say no body believes so
i am no body and believes so
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Kullu Dida ·
Lecturer at school of standand at Kenya army training institution.
Hahahaha,may be they send alshabab.because those are their makings.
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Zahra Ahmed
Idiot from Kenya ( kullu dida) there's no alshabab in somaliland ,this shows how dull witted your are ( you have to work in acquire general knowledge ) ,bwege kutoka Kenya ,ndo maana wakenya ni wezi na masikini sanaa ,mnaponea Tanzania ,kwanzia chakula ,watalii na tanzanite ,ovyo sanaa.mbwa nyinyi
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Yaska Ma ·
Works at Acting International
Like seriously do u hear yourself out?(kullu dida).....ur trying to crack a joke at the wrong place
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Street Boy Moha ·
University of Nairobi
It z gud Dida there is no problem u were born a fool I can't change that....

The loud ring tone of my work deck phone startled me. It was from the medical superintendent office. I instantly smelt trouble was on the way but they only wanted me to translate in Somali for them. It is very unusual that they ask my help for this matter because they already have an officially appointed Somali translator in a phone call away.

I gleefully took that as an opportunity to catch up with my country man and eagerly rushed towards his cubicle. The patient was in his late sixties and beside him was a young man of early twenties who seem to be his son. At the door I met puzzled looking Somali translator whom I acquainted on several occasions.

The patient and his son couldn’t speak a word of Somali. Because of their look I initially guessed they were from Somaliland state (A region of Somalia) and unfortunately they couldn’t understand any Somali dialect.


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