Somaliland MP warns the Somali public on SL government and illegal miners exporting minerals and sand out of Salil region to Djibouti


[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
After corrupt Somaliland government and it's UAE miners emptied the gold out of Western Sanaag region of Hartis they are now exporting sand out of Salil region of Somaliland and into Djibouti illegByal and out in the open WOW.:gucciwhat:What a kind of Gaajo is this stealing a sand? :damn:

Why is the Somali/Somaliland parliment,Somali citizens and the general public are silent of Muse Bihi's government stealing the mineral of the NW region of Somalia? Yaab

Muse Bihi following the steps of his Protegee Egal.
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