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    DEVELOPING NEWS Wadani opposition party leader accuses Somaliland’s Road Development Agency of misappropriating an estimated $1 Million of American Dollars

    Somaliland is not even ranked on the corruption index like other countries because the whole concept of Somaliland is built on corruption,nepotism and Cuqdad towards Daroods. Hence why the world don't track and recrd Somaliland corruption or repor them in their index among other...
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    NEWS Somaliland President Muse Bihi and cabinet ministers accused of corruption and mismanagement of public funds

    The accusations were reported by both International community NGOs and private funding agencies as well. Thee corrupt and incompetent administration headed by the former gurillerla warfare terrorist and warlord Muse Bihi has been accused of mismanaging funds and depositing the funds in their...
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    NEWS Citizen of Somaliland region facing fears of government employees and soldiers to do mutiny for unpaid salaries

    This is quite developing story in the self proclaimed deser region of Somaliland, more than 20k civil and soldiers have received less than their salaried for month. The state has deducted a fee from each and everyone the state employees without any notice, the tune of the missing and the...
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    DEVELOPING NEWS Somaliland MP warns the Somali public on SL government and illegal miners exporting minerals and sand out of Salil region to Djibouti

    After corrupt Somaliland government and it's UAE miners emptied the gold out of Western Sanaag region of Hartis they are now exporting sand out of Salil region of Somaliland and into Djibouti illegByal and out in the open WOW.:gucciwhat:What a kind of Gaajo is this stealing a sand? :damn: Why...
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    John Magufuli(The Bulldozer) Enemy of Kenyatta & true man of his people

    Stopping misuse & theft of public funds DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzanian President John Magufuli has revealed he earns a salary of 9 million Tanzanian shillings ($4,000) per month, making him one of the lowest paid African leaders as he pursues a much-criticized policy of deep public spending...