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    E-M78 possibly has Balkan origins, as there is a diversity of not only E-M78 but also E-V65, E-V12 (our lineage), and E-V22 and E-V13 in Yugoslavs and Greeks. I say this is a far stronger case than anything like a single dhegcas clan like the Y45591 folks here boast. Indeed I think us E-Y18629 have the upper hand here.

    If T-Y45591 is Arabian, I want to share here what I too saw in my dream last night after mom put me to bed. I'm sure as shook as any man can be, and the minute I woke I was sure to make sure to jot it down just before it escaped mi brains. Now here it goes: E-Y18629 was aparrently a Irir Samaalovic (Darood was Irirgang G) Dinaric born and raised. It was in the mountains he spent, fighting and relaxing most of his days. Killing and fighting with his clan and crew, cleaning up the Albos and their Turkling boos. So he was in the mountains of Kosovo with medevaca bumping some Gru, he gets charged unbeknownstss by a rogue Gypsi group. A legion of a man, he makes them rout, chasing on their heels well past noon. And on this run, he goes too far from home. He makes it to Horn, past the southerly nomes. So he finds himself wandering aimlessly amidst the rocks and sand, and finds a dark maiden on a tree, sitting high on a branch. After he beckons forth to help her to the ground, he asks her if she would like to settle down?

    Are we Somalis clearly not black-skinned Balkaners? Who is it that can deny? we are just as tribal, divided, stone headed and self-defeating as them? Sometimes when I hear the word Somalization from a distance, I can't make it out but it sure does sound a hell lot like balkanization. Puntland is like if Slovinija were poor + degenerate FKD schemers, they too like to associate witwith their more advanced northern neighbors (Mehri & Darood brozerz, mY sulDan QaBuuUzZz, naaxnu 3rb) and the self-hating supremacism they direct at the own brothers. Siad Barre was a reluctantly compelled hitler-moustache avatar of Radovan Karadizic (or vice versa, bcz Siad is older), Bulgaria is alternate hist. near-Russified Djibouti (if it had actual history) Krajina is what Dhul-bahante and Warsangeli wanted, but sometimes don't (hard to tell). Bosniaks = .5 + Rhnwyn langaabs (5th column mass of dubious origins who got raped) Italianos are gonna feature as the Osmaanis in this one, and the Xabash could only look up to and attempt to be 1/100 the man Austria-Hungary was, so the association sucks and abit shit.

    The rest of the blackface cast:

    Mohammed Haji Egal : Ante Marjovic (deputy leaders of establishment agenda against their own)

    Kosovar Serbs : NFDers

    Kosovars: ???Afars???

    Vukovar : the Hargeisa of Yugo

    BiH : pre-USC Mogadishu

    SSDF = Slovenian forces

    SNF = Republic Srbska (hostile territory maneuvers)

    Montenegrins vis a vis Serbs : Garhajis and SNM

    Balkan warfare led to Somaliazation, Somali politics is Balkanization. Nurture is nature, iyo Somaalidu waa ummad asaalkood yahay Serbska.

    Inbf Qaraboooga break through - read the title, it clearly says we wuz Euros not mongoloids ffs

    Bratstvo i jedinstvo - walaaltinimo iyo midnimo
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    Aug 8, 2019
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    This top tier levels of shitposting I'm impressed you really took your time with this one :dead:
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    This is quality.
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    Funny shitpost.

    But in all seriousness, E-M78 is from Northeast or Northern East Africa and those Balkan guys got it from Levantine admixed Anatolian Neolithic farmers.
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    What's your take on it ? Since you want to make this theory sound like a goofy one lol
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