Somalia's federal government supports the ouster of Osoble

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Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
As usual you stick to your usual circles of lies, hypocrisy and then derailing/baiting when I call you out on it. You know what the truth is but you always somehow conviently avoid it :manny:

Inb4 one of your groupies adds to your attempt like I know they will :bell:
What a whining b*tch. Did he really complain about likes? :noneck:
You are from Norway but you type like an American. :comeon:Y'all iyo nigga iyo balayo kale baad tidaahda. Jooji.
And? Should I type English like a Norwegian?

Instead of attacking me attack the guy who can't comprehend English. Or was he being willfully ignorant of what I said to make a joke that otherwise wouldn't make sense?:cosbyhmm:
He would never, right :jaynerd:
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