Somalia Oil Reserves


Every day each Somali should earn something of the vicinity of 1 camel in the cities. If each person has 10 camels plus heaps of goats. U can divide up what their working day is like. So any economy in Somali needs to think like that. Halki qof waa inu geel ugu yaran ku soo aada dhinaca GDPKA ama iska dhaafa industrygasi. That wont make them switch occupations, that will mean at least the urban areas are close to their economics. U wud need real incentives for them to move of camels to cities. Like I said 5 times more incentives in GDP returns.

But if we only build the south, we will have to wait till they reach that with their daruri factories and agriculture which is impossible, this will cause conflict between us. Farmers and Nomads shouldn't be in the same nation at all. Where-as 1 geel takes a week in the west and any rich farming nation. We wud need something more then that at least 5 geels per person a week to make urban area attractive to nomads.
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