Somalia former sugar factories

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Last news I've heard was regarding this...

The regional administrations of middle shabelle region of Somalia and Indian traders have on Saturday visited the sugar plantation and the former sugar factory in Jowhar town the headquarters of middle shabelle region.

The reason behind the visit of the Indian traders in the town is to invest the sugar plantation and to re-operate the sugar factory, so that many Somali nationals will gain job opportunities.

The traders said that they will submit what they have witnessed to the tycoons in their country, so that the mission will resume with immediate effect.

In September this year the state Minister for commerce and industries has visited the beautiful sugar plantation lands in Jowhar.

Somalis are cursed beings:mjcry:busy building nonsense instead of thinking about economic growth and self sufficiency. I get teary eyed at times with how pathetic we have become over the last 3 decades.
Exactly, we invest in useless shit like clothing stores, restraunts, and hotels instead of factories, but inshallah that's gonna change
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