1. The alchemist

    Something interesting about DNA

    Very interesting new discoveries about the D in DNA. Please read it.
  2. L

    To Save Your Teeth You May Need To Fire Your Periodontist
  3. DrippinglyWet

    At What age should you have Children in this day and age?

    I was thinking around 22-24 the first one comes out then have one ever 1,5 year till your around ~33, hitting a 60 million population around 2040 is a must for our nation:westbrookswag: Whats your opinion?
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    SOMALIA Somalia former sugar factories

    Last news I've heard was regarding this... The regional administrations of middle shabelle region of Somalia and Indian traders have on Saturday visited the sugar plantation and the former sugar factory in Jowhar town the headquarters of middle shabelle region. The reason behind the visit of...