Somalia Foreign Policy

This is what hurts us the most. They think we are backwards and just go around switching to whatever side we like. We need to list down the nations who helped us either in history or now. Abaal xumo is the worst image in the world, it's the worst image in a society when u have someone who doesn't pay respects to those who helped them. Infact we don't pay respects to a number of our history and this is a big problem in itself and shows 'abaal xumo' on your on own people, this can lead many to suspect u will do the same to them.

Our relationship with the former Colonizer needs to be addressed. I am not going to say anything about that, Somalis can discuss that themselves. But they did help our people in war and refugees needs to be acknowleged and our country is helped by ppl who went to their lands, so if their so bad, you wouldn't be helping your country turn good. Their past needs to be discussed IN-DEPTH and that's up to historians in Somalia to decide wallahi NOT just one sided 'biased' nationalistic nonsense all pros/cons of them need to be balanced out.

Second relationship is our allies. Russia is a big one. We have to say thank you for what u have done for us in military deals and big important projects they did, same goes for China economic assistance. These three countries are our priority wallahi, we need not forget the past. Was their policy good? no it caused our civil war making unequal people get rewards in order to boost up the population and create a shared identity and shared wealth system. We had naabnaab leaders who would boss around people who were far brighter and better equiped all for the sake of communist policy of rising people up at once. Communist system is favorable to FARMERS, their dirt poor. It can't work with us. But that's another story all together but we must acknowledge their military assistance. This needs to be take ninto account when we form our foreign policy not to disturb these nations and whoever they maybe backing, this can be seen as ABAAL XUMO, they helped u for u to turn around n backbite them. That shit is not on. It's like puntlanders who rose up that keleb ahmed samatar for him to come to TUKARAQ. motherfucker dog. Well countries around the world will say the sam thing if u do such things.

Africa. Especially Kenya/ Ethiopia we need to formulate a policy for these areas as their our neighbors.

Saudi arabia(and all his b*tches like the gulf) need a policy as their having big impact on our societies. Look what their doing to yemen, they won't give a shit about u either once u settle down and remain concentrated in a city like yemenis have. We must detach from SAUDIS. We will not disturb them because of the religious holy sites but other then that we want nothing to do with them except LIVESTOCK trade. We should only talk on livestock and they can't do shit about that because it's the prophet animal loooooooool
We need partners like china wallahi their pure business related, there is no follow my idea or support me here, it's profit for both sides nothing else. This is better relationship. Do we need allies yes we do? but it has to be of benefit. They need to weigh up economic benefits to the policy meddling and the impact this will cause. Remember abdillahi yusuf policy of tribal factions set us back 30 years, for what? a few ak 47? we need to weigh up economic benefits of our friends and the possible impact of their policies. Policies impact should be ranked higher, we learned how bad ideas can destroy nations. Saudi/qatar/ ad all those gulf nations is injecting policies into our nation they must be told our relationship is not like this anymore. Either its pure business or it's nothing else.

Lets not trade a few ak 47 for bad ideas again, no matter how many tanks or jet fighters they offer. Where are they all now? the idea remained only, IDEAS are number one priority in somalia, everything else is secondary.
Assess the world in terms of

Policy problems(things that can turn our nation into 30 years of wars)
Economic relationship(only if's pure business)
Military relationship

If any of those areas mix n match like u got military ally but he has problem with a nation u have economic ties, u need to weigh up the benefits for the nation long-term. There is no other relationships nations have besides those three areas of mutual interest.

Most nations focus in-wards inside their nation not outwards, to ensure the population is stable, prospering, and safe. Strong inside. Like most ppl focus on their homes first not the houses on the street besides MUTUAL areas between u. Most of a government job is INTERNAL, with 20% external. Not like it is now 80% external waa crazy.
We must not take a DUBAI route that is all 'external' focused, now this is an economic risk for them and will be controlled at all times from the outside since they know your country is 80% external and 20% nothing inside to rely on yourself. Any real nation is internal focused not the other way around or it becomes a client state for someone else. To much economic investment from the outside must worry us as this is strings now they can pull to shift us around how they like on matters that is of concern to them but may not be in our interest at all.

If we have a friend who we share military/economic/policy ideas all together as one(which is rare) then only then can u allow full investment or the rest of the nations need to measured and a quota set how much impact they have in the nation. Oil guys will need to be assessed that will be BIG IMPACT on our economy and who-ever we dealing with. It's better to go china if u also get military from them. Not west and military china u see what i mean.
We should have ties with Rwanda strong. Because they have similar policy. Brain power and mind economy. But their working of larger hoto farmer base so it will take time but the herders are in charge. We are potentially good matches at the same trajectory. We are identical situation infact. We got nothing in common with ethiopia or kenya. Rwanda should be our closest friend as we have common thing to discuss and goals and we can bounce of each other. Not talk to someone we have nothing in common with.

If a country is heading policy wise different to us, just speak on business or military or something else. Do not interupt their policy and do not let them interrupt yours. This is where nations are destroyed, its thru ideas. Remember siyad communism. Sacudi isku policy manahin, arimo ganacsi iyo identity haa. Lakin rwanda is same policy, same problems, same societal set up, same history, same end goal. That's a real friend, u got something in common on all levels. Not some guy in kenya picking tomato farmers with their pennies or ethiopia. Stop going there, ethiopia n kenya just neighborly relation...rwanda policy relations...saudi and arabs religious relation but religion doesnt save u on the world

I meet many muslims we say our salams and move on. Isku qorsho maba nihin im trying to find work in different field, he has other goals, saa weeye. Ceeb ma aha
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My dad used to say every nation has different goals, u dont judge their policy but how well they executed their policy and achieved it. It's not your business their qorsho, he said waxyaalo kale ayaa loo kala hadla oo labadina dan idin ka dhaxayn karto keliya sida economy iyo scholarships hub medicine whatever it is that helps you achieve your goal while helping them recieve a benefit. Not sit there and argue about their policies with them, would u want them to come to ur land and do the same and cause CHAOS.

All diplomats do that. They dont look at their policy mana fara gashtan they know their people n challenges, they can however review how well it's been executed oo ku tusinayo haday dawladasi tahay mid muran ah mise mid hirgala. Look at China perfect execution of policies, wax ba laga baran kara doesnt mean u have to like the policy but how it was achieved with less cost, time, and achieved their goal. That's the extent of international relations according to my father old day of diplomacy.

Abahay loved china, waa niman waxay qorshayan hirgeliya mana kugu waalayan dhinaca qorshaga dalka ama arimo dibadeed. My dad learned from chinese sxb, their brillaint politicians buu yiri oo dad isku keeni kara, not the WEST tho waa NABNAAB.

The chinese are really good leaders, forget the people those are the peasants but the leaders waa niman aad uu caqli badan he learned his craft from them not africa or west. My dad said arabs were the worst though, he said noone liked going there, everyone put their hand up for america or china cuz they had the best at that time. Arabs waa nabnaab buu yiri except IRAQ waagi hore, the gulf is terrible waa adigo reer miyiga somalida la hadlayso oo aan ogayn meesha la fadhiyo and even gadafi in libya was pretty good also lakin dhinaca fara gelin buu haayay isagu. Not SADDAM wa wadaniyad weeye oo islamka dhan jecla.

Iyo wadamada la ilaliyo buu yiri it's better to have embassy ninka ilaliyo lol sida australia, gulfka, go'aan maba gaadhi kare waa waste of time and waste of consulate. He said inyar office ba ka fure wadamoyinkasi oo kale lakin xoogina waxaa saaraysa dhinaca laga ilaliyo. U need to know it wont conflict with their protector what u need from those nations, they are biggest stakeholder ileen WA ARIMO AMNI LOOOOOOOOL u cant live without AMNI it's basically no XEER waa xarun shaydhan lol
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He pointed to djibouti and said meeqo dal ba military base ku leh. Xafis yar ayaa loo deeqa iyo kuwa ilaliyo ayaa xooga la saara ama lala tashta you need to ensure u have approval by speaking with those nations that protect them if it's going to disturb them what your policy is and their interest there. If we became like that he said, somali sharaf kuma noolan lahayn inay nin kale caloshisha ku jirto, they prefer chaos. We never allowed no outside military force under siyad, only create the bases nothing else. Erirea ayaa ka sharaf badan dhinaca djibouti, sidas ku dambayn doonto somali buu yiri haday isqobqoban.

Dal aan aminigisa ilashan karin ma ahan dal according to my father waa dal magac iska yaal ah xaqna uma laha inu isku cod noqdo kuwa kale ee calamka, that's his personal opinion. My dad said all the tribal differences in somalis they will never prefer to go under someone else, he said look at colonials, they dont like each other but they wont be in caloosha qof kale lol. Chaos ba uu dhaanta. It's that principle of the desert they have still have of you don't protect me im your equal. That's why it's critical they become independent or it will lead to chaos later or spill over other nations. They dont even allow in qabilo kale hos galan, u think they will allow some foreigner? use ur brain
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My dad is adamant Islam mahamed kickstarted the new ERA in Somalia after he heard his wisdom. Yaan lays dilin. Marki toban meel loo turjabanay wala qiimeeyay harti dhan bay ka dhadhicisay buu yiri. Meaning there is nothing to kill now, we just going in circles, ppl gettin reborn that u killed, their still there tommorow, there is no xeer, we are in xarun shaydhan. He said they all agreed. He said that kickstarted now he said in the next 50-100 years somalida hikmadooda waxay ku saabsanan doonta burbur iyo xeer shaydhan iyo sidu ahaa, so he said we kinda of needed this to see a different perspective becausee we were always under oral law in the desert by kings or elders or whatever. We never saw such disaster before so this will kickstart a race in 100 years on who has the wisest advice on burbur as they all TUNE IN LOOOOOOOOL.

He said Islan mahamed started it hence why he called him boqorka manta jira ileen boqor hikmad buu sheega not that kingkong who talks like a nabnaab iyo dadku durdur with no wisdom such as 'warsangeli ba tahay' meaning laantina ma rag badno. He said what hikmad can u take from that, he is saying something that just creates conflict. How can a boqor do such a thing, so he said waan u jawabay like nabnaab he is 'adiguna so dir maadan ahayn' which is up to him to figure out what dir means in miyiga with camels and no sultans ileen beelo kala yihin dirtu hal hogaan ma jira. But he said legacy boqortoyo ayuu ku nool yahay, ileen dadka ugu fican dalka ayaa ka soo baxay.So he said he didnt insult the boqortoyo, he insulted the shaksi cuz their not all wise sxb doesnt negate the legacy they inherited that impacted on all of us.

But he is adamant Islan Mahamad is the founder of puntland, he brought us together when that isnt possible without hikmad first to reach the next stage of building something. So he thinks reer nugaal will be running with heaps of respected islaan depending on the shaksi of course but taas wa dhaxal uu gashay oo aan weligeed nugaal haysan jirin, he was suprised my father he wasnt expecting much from an issa mahmoud but shut the f*ck up when he heard and said your the new boqor
My father is adamant when he said wax la kala dilo ma jire, he means wait till kill something WORTHY which will take another 50 years but at least then it laws will be established and they just go to jail and the normal somali cycle continues. So he didn't bring peace he brought ceasefire, we waiting for the next guy to bring peace which requires another messiah. But if the clans still have their weapons weli qofkasi ma iman waqtina haku dhumin. They agreed to keep it outside in the miyi. We need rural laws that say you can keep weapons in the country side.
My dad is adamant hawiye hadu ku heeshiyo dawlada somalia waa so racaysa ileen iyagay dhibka ugu wayn dhex taal dhinaca wixi dhacay. So if they convince centralism on hawiye and somalis see its working and productive, all somalia will accept centralism. Lakin intay suuqasi madow jirto, way adag tahay buu yiri waana dalka oo dhan hada lakin xaruntisa waa bakaraha. Soweto yar bay raban inay ilashadan iyo qabiil iyo diin gadaal ka soo riixayan iyo isqabqabsi waxay doonto ha ahaato lol. Since the only benefit from the war is the INFORMAL ECONOMY, qof kale ku barwaaqobay ma jiro, dadyow kal waa laysku keeni kara in two seconds. Xal looma haayo kuwasi suuqa madow.
Apparently dadka ugu sareeye somalida waxay kala ahayeen. Isim(beel dhan oo miyi jogga ku heeshiyay hikmadisa), Sheikh(siiba kuwa sugaanta ah iyo daaqa isku dari karo SIDA SHEIKH ALI MAJERTEN), Kadib Siyasi(koox iyo connections kama wayno iyo feker wa haduba kooxda yar qancin karo kkkk), Ganacsato(wa kuwa fekerkooda la qadan karin ileen hanti ayaa ku xiran oo mugdi gelin karta). Inta kale waxaa loo arki jiray miyi, magaalo iyo beeraley(waa kuwa ugu liito oo inyar mos ah oo qiimo jaban ku fadhiyo la soo faristo) wuxu yiri calosha ayaa ii gadoonto markan beer ku arki puntland. Iyo kuwa xeebaha( kalumaysiga waa liitay) kkk my dad calosha ayaa xanunto markan bandar bayla ka sheekeeyo war kuwa warkooda naga daa buu yirahda, meeshasi waxaa farisiyay way is og yihin, meelaha ugu muhimsan apparently is daaqsinta, the lower clans go to coastline iyo hada ka si liidato beero ba ku sugayso koonfureed loooool. Iyo hadi aad 'miir' fican gabtid magaalo ayaa isku tijabinaysa oo kooxasi ah iyo qoysas isbiirsaday kkkkkkkkkkk. He said similar to kheyre iyo farmajo sidasi bay ahayeen dalka hore qoyska ayaa janno tagayso dadkuna 'nasibkina' kkkkkk. He said anigu waxan soo baxay keliya marku siyad yimi oo somalinimo la yimi hence why he has special place in his heart for him. The only thing he didnt like was to be under isaaq oo liitay dhinaca kibrada isago ambassador ah but thats when siyad said 'wax baan xeerinaya' which is hikmad weli uusan ogayn wat the meaning was, they tried to decipher it for decades.

But he said I got diplomatic post in a big nation not these small nations which was not easy work..the other ones lower then him wud be like branch officers like farole. Lakin he said ma jirin siyasad waxaa jiray keliya uu adeeg qorshaha lagu siiyay. Siyad hikmad la'an wax kuma heli lahayn so he said there must of been something he saw in his ambassador that he didnt see.

He said Isaaq culture is very different to majerten. Majerten he said in yar ku sheega aday ku taal inaad fasirto kadib ayaa laga wada hadli kara, ileen doqon loo sheegi maayo. Sadaqo is not by force inaad wax ku heeshid, sadaqo lama sharciyn, its up to u. SIYAD SADAQO HARAM BAY KA AHAYD DHINACA SIYASADA. Thats why my father said he is dad worried for him because in miyiga langaabku dhinaca bahda, wiilasha kale ayaa firsan doono inu dhinto ileen langaab wa ehlu naar maxa sidasi ka dhigay bay aminsan yihin iyo hikmad toona malihid oo aad nala jogtid iyo bahdadu sidasi uu eek tahay. My father wasnt confident and said go the city, make a name for yourself, he showed him quickly the RULES and hooked him up with this abgaal guy who he repaid big time.

He said ur awoowe he didnt change miyiga, xeer ba uu taal, looma badelayo cidna, lakin wuu badbadsaday kuwa langaabka ah si ay magaalo wax ku noqdan. My dad is adamant sadaqo xita qoyska dhexdeeda ayaysan oolin iskaba daa beelaha. So siyad communist project was a big shock. Now they respect him because magaalo buu iska saaray oo wax tar ku noqday, hence why everyone tried hard to make a name for themselves in the city, cuz they know miyiga waxba uma taala. Carurta waa la kala doran jiray kan ugu hikmada roon ayaa miyi ku haro, kan liita magaalo. Cuz awoowe wuxu jecla miyiga he will leave that for who he trusts. He says somalis lie about how they settled the city si aysan magac xun uu yeelan. Ama ma ogga hikmada ama looma sheegin.

So my dad said he speaked to his dad and he updated him with all political knowledge he learned and his dad wud say thats all? they dont really care for your kooxasi shit, beel iyo qoys ba uu daran
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